About us

About Us

Baseofgames is a site dedicated to video games published daily worldwidesince 2019. We’re trying to keep up with our fans all the time so we can offer all the cool stuff related to video games that will be launching for different platforms as we start.
We at Baseofgames have a duty to keep launching loads of new posts on video games and related media franchises every week around. We’re trying to gather gaming news from the industry-giant players to fan-favorite indie spread around the world on as many games as possible.
We cover a whole host of gaming world stuff including preview for upcoming games, fresh scoops on gaming media, news about upcoming releases and notable updates, DLC packs, free weekends playing, special announcements about anticipated games and even gameplay for passionate game lovers!
We’re not giving you interesting and juicy headlines just for clickbait’s sake, because we care about you and know how disappointing that can be.
We have a YouTube channel which would also be devoted to Games & Tech. We’re going to try to publish new content and you can also give us your own gameplay videos with a message if you’re feeling jolly enough. If we think your clip is good enough, we’re going to publish it with credits back to you on our page.
For more inquiries, your valuable suggestions and messages, we always encourage you people to please Contact Us.
Thank you all for visiting us and PLAY IT WELL!

Written by Mohsen


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