AMD offers three new games with the Radeon RX including Resident Evil 3

Unsurprisingly, AMD has updated its Raise the Game offering which rewards the purchase of a Radeon RX card with games and even Xbox Game Passes. Three new AAA titles are now available: Resident Evil 3, Monster Hunter World Iceborne and Ghost Recon breakpoint. Eleven graphics cards currently benefit from the offer.
amd radeon rx games bundle
AMD Radeon Graphic card / credit : AMD
Graphics card buyers are used to it: games are usually offered with these components to show players that they have made the ‘right choice’. Sometimes considered as rewards for a purchase, these titles are not necessarily old or second-rate. On the contrary: the manufacturers of graphics cards, very close to game publishers, are teaming up with them to offer qualitative productions. And, by the way, that advertises the studios a little.
AMD has therefore teamed up with Capcom, Ubisoft and Microsoft Game Studios to convince players not to choose a GeForce, but rather to orient themselves on a Radeon. Its “Raise the Game” offer, which combines games and Radeon graphic cards, has been recently updated. It now includes three big game titles and even a three-month Xbox Game Pass trial period (which lets you get free games every month, among other things).

Three AAA games and three months of Xbox Game Pass

The three AAA games are: Resident Evil 3, the recently released remake on console and PC, Monster Hunter World Iceborne, in Master Edition version (with base game and extensions), and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, with an exclusive DLC in the colors of the founder. Note that the Xbox Game Pass offered with graphics cards does not concern the Xbox One, but computers running Windows, since the service arrives on PC (currently in beta).

Not all Radeon RX cards comes with this offer. They are eleven and they are all part of the RX 5000 range, with some exceptions like the Radeon VII and the Radeon RX Vega. They are not all packed with the same games or the Xbox Game Pass. Let’s get into detail: the least well-off are the Radeon VII, Radeon RX Vega and Radeon RX 760, 570, 580 and 590. These cards are sold with the three months of Xbox Game Pass.

The Radeon RX 5500 and RX 5500M are offered with Resident Evil 3 and Ghost Recon. No Monster Hunter or Xbox Game Pass. Next is the RX5500XT. It comes with all the content, except Monster Hunter World. Finally, the RX5700 and RX5700XT benefit from the whole package.
Xbox game pass
Xbox game pass / credit : Microsoft

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