“Warcraft 3: Reforged” Players can get refunds without asking any questions, says Blizzard.

Warcraft Reforged 3 / credit : Blizzard

With tens of thousands of negative player reviews, Warcraft III Reforged has become one of the most rated games in history. An outcry so loud that its publisher, Blizzard, is offering disappointed players an immediate refund to all buyers who request it. It has to be said that the negative points was accumulated for the game

Blizzard refund players of warcraft reforged 3
Warcraft Reforged 3 / credit : Blizzard

If you purchased “Warcraft 3: Reforged” and don’t like it — and many don’t — Blizzard now says it’s going to refund your money, just ask for it and they will give it back to you, no questions asked.

Last week, in our columns, we relayed the arrival of Warcraft III Reforged, a remastered version of Blizzard’s iconic RTS. A highly anticipated launch, since the title was presented for the first time in 2018 at the Blizzcon, almost two years ago, and had known some delays. So it was time to put Azeroth’s new face to the test. That New face which, after a few days, did not receive the reception expected from the developers. Far from it, even.

Tests of specialized sites have indeed been successful with particularly low scores. According to Metacritic, Warcradft III Reforged gets the score of 61 points, a relatively low score for a Blizzard production. But the shower on the player side is the coldest. They give it an average rating of 0.5 out of 10, the worst rating in the history of the Metacritic portal. And there isn’t just one or two. Nearly 22,500 reviews were compiled by the site. 840 are positive. 200 are mixed. The rest is negative. Or very negative, with an accumulation of 0/10.

Disappointed players will get refunds

The points most criticized by the players concern a number of different points. Graphically less successful than the beta versions suggested. There are a lot of technical problems with flashing and even untimely stopping. Missing the gameplay options. It’s an incomplete or less interesting multiplayer mode. Without forgetting Blizzard’s more controversial choices. The obligation for old version holders to move to new versions to continue playing online. And the terms and conditions that discourage mod creators from trying to create the next Dota.

Blizzard warcraft 3 : reforged 2020
Credit : Blizzard

And it’s certainly not over. Because, despite a decision that seems fair to Blizzard customers, it is not necessarily fair to everyone. What’s the decision? Blizzard agrees to reimburse all dissatisfied persons (and others as well). To do this, just go to and get proof of purchase. Once this has been done, the refund is automatic and immediate. But now, if you were the proud owner of the classic Warcraft III, you’re going to have to reinstall your original game to enjoy it. And since you will not have access to the new client, exclusive to Reforged, your experience will be exclusively local, as there are no servers dedicated to this version.

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