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Can i stream my gameplay on any device with AMD Link?… 100% Yes!!


In ordre to satisfy the gamers who always ask about can i stream my gameplay with AMD Link, AMD has unveiled a new version of its Adrenalin suite that includes new AMD Link features.

While Nvidia has its GeForce Experience, AMD has its Adrenalin Software suite. The idea is the same: to offer a real software ecosystem full of ingenious functions around the PC’s graphics card. With the new version 21.4.1, AMD is strengthening its proposal more.

AMD Link: Can i stream my gameplay on PC?

AMD Link is the name given to the remote play function. It allows you to turn your PC into a cloud gaming server, and play remotely from a much less powerful device, simply through Wi-Fi or your local network. AMD Link was already available on mobile and TV, but the update now adds the PC to the equation.
With this update, you’ll be able to stream games from any PC, especially low-powered laptops, to your gaming PC, and even better, with AMD Link Game, you can now invite friends to play on your machine.
The aim is to allow local multiplayer on titles that may not support online play. Among the good points, it should be noted that AMD Link manages a framerate of 144 FPS and a 5.1 sound, which is quite rare on streaming systems. Of course, you’ll need to have the local network, or internet connection if you have one, to support this level of service.

AV1 codec comes into play and that’s good news

The Adrenalin Software 21.4.1 suite also adds support for the Microsoft PlayReady AV1 codec on Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards. This free video codec is gaining in popularity ahead of H265 HEVC, which requires a fee for manufacturers and service providers.

With this update, it will be possible to use the graphics card to do hardware decoding. AV1 hardware encoding remains unavailable at this time.

A refined interface for the game

AMD also continues to refine the software interface, and the interface that can be overlaid in games. In particular, the update adds an interface for monitoring machine performance, especially if you pair your Radeon graphics card with the brand’s Ryzen processor. You’ll have access to frequency, temperature, and all the rest of the performance tracking information.

The manufacturer takes the opportunity to come back to its flagship features such as the RIS sharpness filter, Radeon Boost or anti-lag which are regularly reinforced, but do not fundamentally change here. Those who were expecting an equivalent of NVIDIA’s Reflex to drastically reduce latency thanks to an implementation in the game engine will have to move on… or wait for a future update?

If all this is not to your liking, AMD now offers the possibility to install the drivers without the surrounding software ecosystem, to keep the use as simple and efficient as possible.

Download the update here.

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