The Survival Game, Days Gone is coming to PC on 18 May

Credit: Sony Bend Studios

As it celebrates its second anniversary on Playstation 4, Days Gone is coming to PC on 18 May. A survival game in a post-apocalyptic universe where you will have to face hordes of zombies. It’s very successful, it’s scary, and this game will leave a lasting impression.

DaysGone comes to pc
Credit: Sony Bend Studios

Released in April 2019 as a Playstation 4 exclusive, Days Gone is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a PC adaptation that will be available on May 18.The title is one of Sony’s latest big releases, ahead of the PS5’s launch in November 2020, and its arrival on PC will delight many gamers eager to get a taste of Days Gone’s dark, terrifying atmosphere.

The story puts you in the shoes of Deacon St. John, a tough guy with a soft heart, who has chosen to stay in the ravaged lands of Oregon in the United States rather than fly to safer cities with his girlfriend Sarah. Deacon will travel through this territory on his motorbike, trying to collect food and equipment to survive and heal himself, as well as helping his friends and the refugee camps that have sprung up here and there. His only goal will be to find Sarah.

DaysGone is coming to pc on 18 may 2021
Credit: Sony Bend Studios

A splendid and vast open world

The atmosphere is heavy in Days Gone, but despite the danger, the game offers an obvious pleasure to travel and move in this gigantic open world.

The landscapes of Oregon are magnificently put in images, the sunsets, the weather, the night cycle… It will always be easier to carry out your missions in the middle of the night with regard to the creatures that haunt this territory.

Days Gone is one of the most gripping games we’ve ever tasted on a console in terms of the fear and caution it imposes on the player. Because beyond the human enemies armed to the teeth that you will have to challenge, by force or by cunning (in infiltration mode), the game proves to be striking by the fear it generates.

Each time, the fright is there, offering a relief to the player when he reaches the goal. Zombies that you can meet everywhere (in houses, train stations, petrol stations…) as you ride your motorbike. You will sometimes choose to fight, but also often to flee…

In the style of The Walking Dead or Mad Max

Days Gone succeeds magnificently in putting you in your place, that of a small human facing phenomena that are beyond him. A dark, violent and brutal world. Fans of The Walking Dead, Mad Max, I am a Legend, will find many nods from the creators of Bend Studios to these films, series or comics.

The construction of the adventure in this open world remains classic, between main and secondary missions, and its somewhat B-movie scenario does not detract from the charm of the game.

Friendship and love remain Deacon’s deepest motivations, illustrated by his motorbike journeys (be careful to watch your gas gauge) which sometimes trigger very successful musical flights of fancy against the backdrop of this desolate, end-of-the-world setting.

Days Gone may not have been as successful as expected on Playstation 4, especially with the critics. But the bugs that marked the game at its release are now a bad memory, and gamers have been clamouring for a sequel to Days Gone. Will there be a Days Gone 2 in the future?

One thing is for sure, this first part remains one of the best games released for almost 10 years on Playstation 4. PC gamers are warned.

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