Ford invents a biker jacket that communicates with cars via emoji :-)

Ford has developed a jacket for cyclists and bikers: the Emoji Jacket has an LED screen on its back to display symbols, for example to thank other road users or to indicate your intention to turn or stop .
ford emoji jacket for bikers
Image credit : Ford
Two-wheelers are more vulnerable than other vehicles on the road. However, this is a trend: more and more bikes and other two-wheelers are sharing the road with cars. And with them, the number of accidents is increasing: ‘Every year, more than 2,000 cyclists are killed on the roads in Europe. However, better communication between cyclists and drivers could help reduce the number of accidents, ‘said Ford, in the video you can watch at the end of the article.
‘Ford’ has decided to launch a campaign in the UK called Save The Road. The goal ? improve road safety for all users, while considering ways to reduce traffic congestion. One of the fruits of this campaign is an astonishing prototype jacket called Emoji Jacket for two wheels: ‘Ford has teamed up with linguists to understand how to improve communication between cyclists and drivers’, state the constructor.
Who adds: ‘the jacket can convey expression through simple symbols’. Concretely, a screen composed of LEDs covers the back of the garment. The Emoji Jacket is connected to a housing that installs on the handlebars. The box has several keys with symbols: arrows to turn, a smiley or sad emoji to thank other users or to display his dissatisfaction, or even an ‘attention’ button to signal a danger.
emoji jacket ford for bikers
emoji jacket / credit : Ford
Neil Cohn, one of the experts who participated in the project, explains that ‘the speed at which words and images are processed is incredibly fast […] less than 0.5 seconds’. Thus, surrounding vehicles are more easily aware of the intention of cyclists and can better adapt their driving. Also with more security at night, the LED panel being particularly bright.
Right now, Ford is just exploring what a wearable connected object like this could be. There is no question of marketing it immediately. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this clever idea will eventually inspire manufacturers of third-party accessories …
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