Free PS4 Game on PS5: Horizon Zero Dawn is ready to download!

Credit : Sony

Sony is offering  a Free PS4 Game on PS5: Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best, to PS4 and PS5 owners. All you need is an internet connection to download it. If you missed it, go for it.

Sony is continuing its Play At Home initiative, which offers PS4 and PS5 owners the opportunity to pick up games for free, without having to subscribe to anything. This Tuesday, April 20, 2021, the Japanese company is allowing those concerned to add Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition to their library. The offer will end on May 15.

Released in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Horizon Zero Dawn is backwards compatible on PS5. As this is the Complete Edition, players will also have access to The Frozen Wilds expansion – which adds a few more hours of gameplay. On Metacritic, a site that aggregates press ratings, Horizon Zero Dawn has a score of 89 out of 100. This is a great gift from Sony, who already offered the excellent Ratchet & Clank a few weeks ago.

Free PS4 Game on PS5: Horizon Zero Dawn is ready to download!
Credit : Sony

Why Horizon Zero Dawn is a must-have

Horizon Zero Dawn is Free PS4 Game on PS5, one of the best! a must-have for PlayStation consoles for several reasons. Its graphics combine technical soundness with beautiful art direction (very organic, with nature reclaiming its rights in a world that looks like a futuristic prehistory). They are also a real showcase for HDR technology (lighting, visual effects…). The engine used by the Guerrilla Games studio was also chosen by Hideo Kojima for Death Stranding (there is even a reference in the game).

Beyond its visuals, which still dazzle us today, Horizon Zero Dawn lays a solid foundation for an exhilarating adventure. In its structure, the game is reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed, with an open world filled with well-written main and side quests. Combat is very much a hunting game, with the heroine Aloy having to contend with mechanical animals of varying sizes (spoiler: there are dinosaurs!). The frontal approach is not always the ideal option, which adds depth to a perfectly mastered gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, we suggest you to enjoy the following gameplay of more than 11 hours.

And then there is the benevolent heroine Aloy, who immediately establishes herself as a strong female character in a video game landscape that is cruelly lacking in such characters. Determined, she embarks on an adventure that will perhaps allow her to find her place in a world where there is no longer any real place for Humanity.

Behind the scenes, Guerrilla Games is having fun adding depth to a universe that will be found in the sequel, entitled Horizon Forbidden West (to be released on PS4 and PS5, normally this year). This first opus, which allows us to discover beautiful landscapes for dozens of hours, clears our minds in these gloomy times. A real godsend.

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