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LG lands in Animal Crossing and showcases its OLED TVs on two dedicated islands

Nintendo and LG

The LG brand is inviting itself into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, with two dedicated islands, in order to promote the brand’s OLED Smart TVs to the millions of Nintendo Switch fans.

Two new Animal Crossing islands… dedicated to LG

A true social phenomenon since its launch on Nintendo Switch a year ago (with more than 30 million copies sold), Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be regularly refined by Nintendo. And now, LG has decided to invest in the game to promote its range of OLED TVs.

animal-crossing with LG
Nintendo and LG

The game now includes two islands featuring LG’s OLED TVs, where everyone can meet. The programme includes a music session by LG’s virtual DJ, Reah Keem, and a treasure hunt for a chance to win a TV set or decorate your virtual home.

While enjoying the game’s colourful and strangely soothing forms of escapism, players can travel to the idyllic LG OLED Island and LIT Island addresses and experience a virtual lifestyle with an LG OLED TV,” the brand said.

Thus, OLED Island (code: DA-7677-3136-5978) will allow players to discover the highlights and features of the brand’s OLED Smart TVs. LIT Island (code: DA-2218-2553-1949) will feature a gaming area, a music studio and a gym, all equipped with an LG TV.

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