MotoGP 21 Review on PS5, The best moto competition is out !

MotoGp on PS5 / Credit : Milestone

Motorbike games are quite rare and expected. The best moto competition MotoGP 21 is coming to PS5 and all eyes are on it!

MotoGP 21 Review

After a quite interesting 2020 version, the Italians from Milestone are back this year with a version called MotoGP 21! Classic, sober and efficient as we say. With no competition in the market, Milestone has plenty of time to perfect its versions year after year. After the excellent Ride4 boosted with hormones on PS5, what is this version of MotoGP 21 worth ?

A Quite Rich Content

In MotoGP 21, you’ll find a classic recipe for success. You will have the choice to race on all the official circuits of the 2021 championship with the championship bikes or the classic bikes of the last thirty years! Playing as Max Biaggi or Mike Doohan is a real pleasure. Then there’s Le Mans Bugatti, the A1 Ring, Portimao, Bahrain and all the rest. You can freely take part in a Grand Prix in its broadest sense or enter the career mode. The classic career mode is also more or less the same as in F1 2020 or WRC 9. After creating your character, you will be able to start the championship of your choice. Start in Moto3 and work your way up, or start directly in MotoGP and make your way up very quickly.

MotoGp on PS5 review
MotoGp on PS5 / Credit : Milestone

A big management part is available by choosing your manager, your different sponsors and of course the guideline to take so that your team is the best in the paddock. The ultimate goal is to finish on the top step of the podium and win the world championship. The online mode will of course allow you to compete against your 22 friends simultaneously!

The Amazing Graphics!

Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to hit the track. On the track, it’s a graphic slap in the face. MotoGP 21 is beautiful! Technically, the bikes are irreproachable. The tracks are perfectly modelled and the riders’ posture is screamingly realistic. The dynamic weather conditions add an undeniable atmosphere and watching your rain tyre mark the wet ground is just strikingly realistic. The PS5 version of course runs in 4K resolution and with a solid 60fps. The HDR lighting management is perfectly mastered.

Moto Craches! you can’t skip that!!

MotoGP Crash Compilation to enjoy the graphics (by Ten Minutes, youtube channel)

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. The gameplay of MotoGP 21 is tricky, even very tricky. The choice of Milestone is to orientate itself purely and simply towards a simulation. The management of the temperature of the brakes, the wear of the tyres and the respect of all the rules of MotoGP add a dose of undeniable difficulty in addition to the handling!

The controls are exactly the same as in Ride4 and believe me, this is not a gift for beginners. Braking and cornering will take hours of practice and humility is the key word in MotoGP 21. Don’t be afraid to start with all the aids on, because you won’t win your first race any time soon. It won’t save you from crashing either. By the way, when you fall, you now have the choice to run and get your bike back. No more automatic reappearance, you’ll have to prove that you want to win! Like Ride4, the PS5 controller works wonders. All the sensations are multiplied tenfold thanks to the haptic vibrations. It’s always a pleasure to press the triggers harder or harder and feel a real resistance.


MotoGP 21 deserves the applause! Perseverance will make you spend some great hours and for the purists of the two-wheeler world, the management of the bike’s balance will undoubtedly suit you. The 2021 Championship is perfectly reproduced and winning your race in the last corner or even at the finish line is a certain pleasure that only the most persevering will have the right to savour.

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