Ninja gets his own skin at ‘ Fortnite ‘

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Fortnite’s growth has coincided with that of Tyler Blevins ‘ “Ninja.” While the streamer had a sizable following before the success of the battle royale erupted, he became the best-known player in Fortnite and a megastar on Twitch (until he defected to Mixer). Now, Ninja is finally going to be a part of the game where he really made his name with his very own Fortnite mask. It will be available to buy from Thursday to Sunday.

Epic Games / Ninja

There’s a Ninja-themed pickax along with the skin which includes a pair of katanas, a back bling and an emote for his awful dance. Epic Games said Ninja’s inclusion is the “beginning of the colliding of Fortnite gaming, music, film, and fashion” under its latest Icon Collection.

We can’t wait to see more familiar faces in Fortnite, The likes of Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe and Stranger Things included. Bringing some of the best-known Fortnite players into the fray is a logical extension of that.

Elsewhere, the new Fortnite update also boosts the 2018 iPad Pro’s maximum refresh rate to a whopping 120 frames per second. That far outstrips the refresh levels of the game console, even on the top-end Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, which is maxed out at 60FPS. Clickable thumbsticks now also help when you are using a controller to play on iOS.

Ninja has his own skin - best gadgets and weapons

Source : Epic Games

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