Nintendo Switch Online: Pac-Man 99 is driving subscribers crazy

Bye Mario 35, hello ghost hunting!

Pac-man 99 winner on nintendo switch online // Credit : Nintendo - Bandai Namco

Fans of games where you have to be the last survivor, you are in for a treat. If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, Pac-Man 99 is out starting April 8. It replaces Super Mario 35as the new retro game turned  into a Battle Royale, it is a pac-man battle game.

Pac-man 99 replace super mario 35 on nintendo switch online
Pac-man 99 winner on nintendo switch online // Credit : Nintendo - Bandai Namco

Nintendo still loves retro games. After reigniting the hype with Tetris 99, a revamped version of the puzzle turned into a 99-player knockout game, and turning Super Mario into a Battle Royale game (Super Mario Bros 35 Battle Royale), that new game will definitely drive subscribers crazy

Ghosts are no longer his only enemies

Pac-Man 99 arrives on the famous hybrid console and will pit the famous yellow hero against his usual ghosts. It’s up to him to catch pac-gummies and then swallow the ghosts. A little subtlety in this version: each swallowed enemy can then be sent as a disturbing element to other players who are fighting for their survival at the same time as you.

The goal, as in all Battle Royale games, is to be the last living Pac-Man, and any trick can be used to achieve this, even disrupting the game of one of your opponents.

Like Tetris 99, danger comes when you least expect it, and you’ll have to fight off ghosts while resisting attacks from elsewhere in the form of disruptive Pac-Man.

You’ll even be able to target competitors to eliminate them as quickly as possible, choose them at random or simply slow them down. And we’re even promised strategies to use to “improve its speed, resistance to other Pac-Man or swallow multiple ghosts with a click and create a train. “

Pac man against ghosts on nintendo switch online
Pac-man 99 against ghosts on nintendo switch online // Credit : Nintendo - Bandai Namco

At any given moment, you can change your strategy in this Pac-Man-like environment, with the added bonus of having to keep your eyes everywhere. The prospect of creating a chain of “sleeping” ghosts that help you catch your enemies before turning into disruptive elements distilled to all your rivals is pretty neat (as long as you’re not the target!). it is a pac-man battle royale game.

A ghost hunt not for everyone

The bad news is that if you’re a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite owner, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to get free access to Pac-Man 99, which will be available on April 8 via the Nintendo eShop. A Deluxe Pack with additional game modes and bonus themes as well as special heroes will be available for purchase though.

PAC-MAN 99 Nintendo Switch Controls

  • A,B,X,Y – Power-Ups. Toggle between Standard, Speed, Train, and Stronger.
  • Right Stick – Targeting. Toggle between Random, Knockout, Counter and Hunter.
  • D-Pad – Movement. This is how to move Pac-Man around the maze, up, down, left and right.
  • Left Stick – Not in use.
  • L and R buttons – Manual select (Docked). Use this to target manually opponents in docked mode.
  • Touchscreen – Manual select (Handheld). Use this to manually target opponents in handheld mode.
How To Customise PAC-MAN 99's Controls

Here’s how to customize the controls if you don’t like the default setting and want to change it up, or if a different mapping of controls would better suit your personal needs than how the game handles it right out of the digital box.

Continue scrolling across the main menu until you find the ‘Settings’ option. Go to Button Settings from there, and you’ll see the screen shown above.

Simply select each button and decide which in-game feature it should be associated with. It’s done!

But Wait a minute: What will it cost you and is it worth your subscription?

This is Nintendo’s first paid online service, and the $3.99 monthly subscription is significantly less expensive than similar services. (For the best deal, look at these Nintendo Switch Online subscription prices.)

Some features, such as online multiplayer, cloud saves, free retro NES / SNES titles like Starfox 2, and free exclusive games like Tetris 99 and our game of the day, the new Pac-Man 99, are more important to some than others, and you may be considering subscribing for one in particular, or you may be concerned that it isn’t justification enough.

What do you think?

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