Palia: Singularity 6 announces its MMO halfway between Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild

Palia game screenshot / Credit: Singularity 6

The MMO scene is growing more and more each year and 2021 will be full of releases. Today we note the arrival of a new competitor that could make a lot of noise, and that is called Palia. This MMO developed by Singularity 6 promises to be a bit different from the current standards by drawing its inspiration from famous games, from Animal Crossing to Zelda: Breath of The Wild to Stardew Valley.

An MMO that doesn’t exclude single player

We’ve seen worse influences, and this mix is quite original for an MMO. Today we discover a first video showing the artistic direction of the title as well as some of its mechanics, with housing and a large green world to explore like Breath of The Wild. The Singularity 6 studio behind the project is made up of former Blizzard, Zynga and Riot Games staff, showing their experience in community games.

The game will have us play as humans, who disappeared from the world 1,000 years ago. We will have to return to this world with a new eye, exploring it and building our own camp, with even romances to be made with characters. Much like Genshin Impact, it will be possible to play completely solo and not encounter any other players if you wish. However, interaction with friends will be very important in the game, and it will even be possible to cook or decorate together.

Palia will have a pre-alpha soon as indicated on the official website. For the moment, the game is only announced for PC.

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