Patapon 2 Remastered review: does this 4K port to PS4 deserve the dance of love?

Patapon2 Remastered arrives on PS4 / credit : SIE Japan Studio, Pyramid (JP)
Honestly, we thought it was light years away: Patapon 2 has barely aged a bit. Its unique concept, based on charming musical gameplay and in-depth RPG facets, certainly make it the best opus of this delicious trilogy. However, despite its undeniable good-natured atmosphere, it is clear that this Remastered edition does not fully honor the original iteration: many cutscenes have not been processed and the image format, framed enough for the (very) old-school format of the PSP, does not always optimize well on our current screens and, worse, the multiplayer has simply disappeared. Nothing dramatic and that doesn’t stop Patapon 2 from being a great adventure … but that could put off the most attentive.
Patapon2 Remastered arrives on PS4
Patapon2 Remastered arrives on PS4 / credit : SIE Japan Studio, Pyramid (JP)

Patapon 2 : 2008

If Sony has now withdrawn from the portable console market, it’s impossible to deny the countless and delicious moments provided by its two machines of this kind. Of course, the PSP was THE real iconic slap, power monster of its generation and ode to artistic creativity. Ambitious blockbusters, certainly, but also more unique experiences, just as successful among which LocoRoco or Patapon: if this first has already been seen on PS4, we cannot say the delicious franchise of Pyramid and SIE Japan. Good news: Patapon 2 Remastered has just landed on the Japanese machine, him and his sense of explosive rhythm. Is the drum still as polished, even eleven years after its original release on PlayStation Portable?
Patapon2 Remastered arrives on PS4
Patapon2 Remastered arrives on PS4 / credit : SIE Japan Studio, Pyramid (JP)
first, Patapon has a unique name concept, widely praised by critics when it was released in 2008: it is a semi-turn RPG whose gameplay revolves entirely around… your sense of pace. For this second opus published a year later, still developed by Pyramid and still produced by the Japanese studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the basics remain unchanged. In fact, even more than a decade later, the sauce is still going strong: it must be said that we have here a little pearl of originality whose fundamental principle is not likely to age immediately.

Patapon 2 Remastered : Gameplay

So you, the player, embody the God of the Patapons. This tribe of small beings, both wild and downright sympathetic, are recognizable among a thousand: unique eye, impeccably round shape, undeniable courage and, above all, flawless musical allegiance. As supreme sovereign, you will have to guide your troops in 2D levels strewn with pitfalls: to advance them, attack, defend themselves or perform magic spells, you will have to use … a drum. Literally. By combining the round, cross, square and triangle keys in rhythm, it is possible to constitute the actions aroused while forming a real constant and evolving music, increasing the statistics if kept and respected.
Let’s not lie, the gameplay is always a fun originality that, yes, always hits the mark and deepens durably thanks to the rich RPG aspect. As the adventure progresses, the mechanics quietly become more complex with the arrival of new members within the Patapons: if the standard-bearer, the Hatapon, is a guy to protect imperatively on pain of losing the game, the large arms Robopon, the magician Mahopon or the aerial Toripon also come to deepen the playability. Above all, we have to equip our Patapons with the items gleaned during the different missions, to raise them in level, to constitute relevant teams according to the levels and bosses to face… and all this requires long hours of work. ‘application.
Patapon2 Remastered arrives onPS4
Patapon2 Remastered arrives on PS4 / credit : SIE Japan Studio, Pyramid (JP)

Patapon 2 Remastered : Good Humor

If Patapon 2 proves to be even more complete than its predecessor, it also succeeds in imposing at least as much general good humor by its simplistic (but very pictorial) artistic direction, its watered-down dialogues as by its catchy soundtrack. Going to draw in many cultures, rhythm, songs and other warlike sound effects bring us back to these battles that we imagined small or that we materialized with three times nothing in the playgrounds. A small happiness which, nevertheless, did not necessarily receive the treatment deserved in this edition Remastered. Certainly, a 4K smoothing is present but several cutscenes are neglected (for an unknown reason) and … particularly runny.
Then, it would have been appropriate to adjust the size of the menus and other interfaces, always adapted to the PSP ratio and, necessarily, abnormally large on a television in 2020. Another drawback of porting, the amputation of the multiplayer function which, in the old days, just allowed to play in cooperation (and it was frankly a fun bonus). In itself, Patapon 2 is and will remain the best opus in the saga, solid as a rock and which has still lost none of its malice, or even its charm.

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