PS5 and Xbox Series X: could both consoles cost more than expected?

The Xbox Series X and PS5 will be released this year, that’s for sure. But at what cost? The latest rumours are that the price will be significantly higher than the Xbox One and the PS4 when released almost 7 years ago.

They won’t be on the market before the end of the year (probably around November), but they continue to be talked about on a daily basis. While we already know a lot about the Xbox Series X and PS5, we still don’t know exactly what the ps5 cost and the xbox series x cost will be. Will they initially be priced the same, or will one be priced higher than the other? And are we expecting prices equivalent to those of the PS4 or Xbox One when they were released in 2013?

PS5 and Xbox Series X: both consoles could reach more than $600 each !

According to some rumours on the web, the bad news is that the Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X both could cost more than $600. In other words, the PS5 cost would be worth at least $200 more than the PS4 when it was released, while the Xbox Series X would cost at least $100 more than the 2013 Xbox One (which came with Kinect 2).

It should also be noted that Sony is also preparing a Pro version of its PS5, which could be released at the same time as its little sister. Under such conditions, at what price will this edition be released? Around $800?

At these high prices, for the moment to be taken from the conditional, there is however an explanation: the components and the high performance of the two consoles. The PS5 for instance plays the ray-tracing card, supports 8 K video, has a super-fast SSD that can load a game in less than a second …

All the components needed for such power are expensive, very expensive even…

Finally, this rumour of a price higher than $600 may not be surprising. The PS3 when it was released in 2007 was worth 600 $. A phenomenon that’s not that new, in short. It remains to be seen whether the PS5 and Xbox Series X will also reach in terms of price a console like the famous Neo Geo, which was sold for 650$ when it was released, you can imagine the price today if we take inflation into account. The bets are open.

What do you think?

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