Resident Evil 8 Village reveals its map and a mysterious new enemy

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resident evil 8 village // Credit: CAPCOM

Resident Evil 8 Village new map and a new mysterious enemy are revealed. The opportunity to discover several points of interest that must be explored by the player. Thus, the open world of Capcom’s latest title will be divided into four large distinct areas, all connected by the village.

resident evil 8 village new map
resident evil 8 village // Credit: CAPCOM

Only a few more weeks to wait before you can get your hands on Resident Evil Village. The game is still expected to be released on May 7, 2021, unless a last minute postponement upsets the schedule. In order to make us wait a little bit, the director of the game Morisama Sato has just revealed several exclusive information about the title during an interview granted to our colleagues of the website IGN.

First, the Capcom executive revealed an image on which we can discover the map of the famous Village. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice four main areas: the Moreau reservoir, the Heisenberg factory, the Beneviento House and the Dimitrescu Castle, which players have already been able to discover in part in the playable Maiden demo on PS5.

A structure close to the one of Resident Evil 4

The Village sits in the center of the map, and seems to be the link between these different areas, with several small points of interest such as the cemetery, the suspension bridge or the Luiza house.

According to the director, Resident Evil Village will take a similar approach to Resident Evil 4, in that the game will regularly introduce new enemies, new gameplay mechanics and new areas that contrast with the atmosphere of the Village. “When you hear the word ‘village’, you might imagine quaint houses lined up along a street, but that’s not really enough to make a videogame out of,” the director of the game tells IGN. “Especially in a horror game, I think it’s important to keep providing new experiences along the way. Within the village, it’s important to keep delivering new surprises to the player.” Morisama Sato speaked to IGN.

Mother Miranda, the main antagonist of the game!

Furthermore, the game director tells us more about Mother Miranda, a mysterious character who seems to be the superior of Lady Dimitrescu. If you’ve seen the game’s trailers, you’ve already heard this name, with villagers chanting her name during a ritual. According to Capcom, Mother Miranda is a “person revered by the villagers”, a mysterious masked deity, and concept art shows her briefly wearing a raven’s beak mask. However, we will have to wait until the game is released to learn more about Mother Miranda.

As a reminder, Capcom has promised some juicy information at an event on April 16, 2021. Let’s hope we get some new gameplay to dive into.


source: IGN, Phonandroid

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