Street of rage 4, Max Thunder joins the crew of its first DLC

Credits : Dotemu, Yooreka Studio (Greater China)

With Streets of Rage 4, Dotemu has offered a high quality revival of Sega’s legendary franchise. And if you loved finding Axel, Blaze and all the others, then you’ll be happy to know that a DLC called Mr. X Nighmare is coming soon for the game.

What’s on the agenda? New characters, new game modes and more!

The first new feature announced by Dotemu is the arrival of Estel Aguirre as a playable character! The end of level boss of SoR 4 will now be part of the roster and will therefore offer a new way to play.

Dotemu has posted a video introducing the second character in the Streets of Rage 4 DLC, Max Thunder, to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. After providing Axel, Blaze, and Sammy in Streets of Rage 2, Max returns as a level boss in Streets of Rage 4, where he is exposed to Ms. Y’s mind control.

Max Thunder retains the distinction of being the slowest but most powerful of the characters. His powerful attacks allow him to throw himself at his opponents and crush them completely. It will also be possible to use the spin that Max Thunder uses in his fight against the player. His special attack consists of hitting the ground hard before lightning strikes his opponents.

Of course, new levels will also be offered. These will lead us straight to Mr.X, an iconic character from the first three Streets of Rage and that we will have the pleasure of finding in a modernised version. Note that these stages will be accompanied by new musical compositions signed by Tee Lopes, who created the Sonic Mania soundtrack!

Finally, a Survival mode will also be included to test your skills. This mode is not yet detailed by the publisher, but it is easy to imagine that you will have to resist waves of enemies for as long as possible! The price and availability of this Mr.X Nightmare expansion are also unknown.

in the same time to this paid DLC, Dotemu will also offer free content for Streets of rage IV. However, this should be limited to the addition of a new mode, in the form of an advanced tutorial to allow you to master the characters and their sequences.

A third and final character is to be revealed for the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, the release date of which is not yet known.

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