The PC is the most preferred platform for game developers

Game Industry report - GDC® c/o Informa Tech

The annual Game Developers Conference survey takes stock of the video game industry by interviewing thousands of developers.

2021 State of the Game Industry Report
Game Industry report - GDC® c/o Informa Tech

Every year, the Game Developers Conference puts together a survey that provides an in-depth look at the state of the video game industry. For its 2021 edition, the GDC surveyed 3,000 video game developers, mainly in North America and Europe. The survey shows a strong and growing interest in the PC as a platform.

The might of the PC

Among the many questions submitted by GDC, one was about which platform is “most interesting” as a developer and the answer is clear. The PC won with 58%, followed by the Playstation 5 with 44% and the Nintendo Switch in third place with 38%.

2021 State of the Game Industry Report
Game industry report - GDC® c/o Informa Tech

It should be noted that the respondents were allowed to give several answers, which does not detract from the renewed enthusiasm for the PC. As the PC Gamer site points out, this percentage is even up compared to the GDC survey in 2020, when 50% of developers listed the PC as their favourite platform.

This doesn’t mean that PC game production is in the majority, only that a large majority of developers would choose to create content for that particular platform, if given the choice.

But with platforms such as Steam and the Epic Games Store now boasting millions of users, it is safe to assume that PC games still have a bright future ahead of them.

Results to be judjed?

As with any survey, it is important to analyse its biases. The results and the strong interest in the PC should be qualified somewhat by the fact that the majority of respondents are located in the West. As PC Gamer reports, most of the developers surveyed were based in North America (57%) and Europe (26%), with only 8% in Asia, 5% in South America, 2% in Australia and New Zealand, and 1% in Africa. So it is a very Western view that is represented.

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