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STEEP X GAMES - Credit : Ubisoft

This week, the ski  games season has ended and, As with the end of each season, we begin the countdown to the next. But let’s face it, it’s still too far away! Our mission is to shorten the wait.

Since snow sliding is over, we thought that doing it virtually wasn’t so bad, right? So that you can take off your snowsuit during those long months until the next ski season, we have been looking for games dedicated to winter sports.

The truth is that there are a lot of them! We can’t talk about all of them, but we have selected our Top 5 ski and snowboarding video games list and we hope you enjoy it, and let us know your thoughts about it and your favorites ones in the comments section.

let’s begin !!

Steep, the king of snow sports

Although its latest edition, Steep X Games, took place at the end of 2018, the Steep video game is still going strong.

This game takes place in an open world , where you can simply glide through the snow, observe the environment (in its latest expansion, you’ll be able to move to Alaska or the Alps!) And dedicate yourself to collecting items you find on your descent. You can map out your route yourself! And you can choose how you want to ride the mountains: with a snowboard, skis, wingsuit or paraglider. Wow!

In addition to the open world, in this sports video game, you must compete to become the best in the modality of your choice, whether it is with skis on or with the board. And what about participating in a virtual race with your friends? That sounds like a great plan to us!

But in the latest version of Steep, real competition is presented by the hand of 8 winter sports in which you must overcome all the challenges to prove you are the best in the mountains. Master skills like jumping, superpipe or slalom, and become the X Games winner!

Another open world version in the snow: Snow

This video game is a must for every ski and snowboard fan. In it we slide down an endless mountain in a large alpine resort. Although it is very similar to Steep, it deserves a mention, especially for two reasons.

Firstly, because you can play with Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset. The feeling will be almost like being yourself doing those runs. We assure you that playing this way adds extra excitement!

The second reason is that, unlike Steep, you can play for free. Great if all you want to do is play games without going further.

play it now on steam for free here!!

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape

In case you didn’t know, The Sims is a social simulation video game first released in 2000 and hasn’t lost any fans since! The Sims 4 is its fourth installment, which even became the best-selling PC game in the world in 2014 and 2015.

This classic doesn’t ski alone, but the joy for snow lovers came in November 2020 with its expansion The Sims 4: Snow Getaway.

and for extra pleasure discovering the game, we recommend you a great gameplay by MaDELIne on youtube channel Deligracy

she played the game for hours and all the pleasure of watching her gameplay is on the video down below.

This expansion of the game takes us to the imaginary Mount Komorebi, located in Japan. Here you can take your characters on snow adventures such as sledding, snowboarding, skiing, climbing, ice skating and mountaineering. Choose the mode you like the most and get your Sim to improve their skills!

It’s all themed too, you can decorate your world with fondues, fireplaces, wooden houses, spas and even snow festivals. It’s impossible to get bored! You can also customise your characters with ski or climbing outfits. It will be like coming back to the ski season from home!

Snowboarding – The Fourth Phase : a world of snow on your phone

Also an open world like Step and Snow, but with the difference that we can play it with your phone.

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Downloading it is completely free.

It has several game modes. You can choose the Career mode, where the legendary snowboarder Travis Rice will help you become one of the best in the world with the board.

On the other hand, an Arcade mode is also available, where you will face small and fun missions. Finally, in Competition mode, you will have to test yourself against other players. As you can see, this is a very complete game!

In terms of scenery, it’s not short either, and throughout this video game, you’ll descend through some of the most epic mountains, such as the Rockies (USA), Hozameen Range (Canada) or Denali Peak (Alaska).

A final curiosity about Snowboard The Fourth Phase is that your personal drone accompanies you, which can stop the game to take pictures from the best angle, or record the different tricks you perform during your runs. Show your friends how good a snowboarder you’ve become!

Snowboarding The Next Phase : the first snowy game on Nintendo Switch


With Snowboarding The Next Phase, snowboarding comes to Nintendo Switch™ for the very first time! Place tricks, play against your friends, and achieve the dream of becoming the greatest snowboarder of all time.


Challenge your friends with split-screen multiplayer mode. Challenge your friends in split-screen multiplayer mode. Try to top the world rankings in Arcade Mode or find the best single-player runs in Career Mode.


Become a pro with intuitive and easy-to-learn Nintendo Switch controls, but don’t forget: hours of challenges and plenty of tricks to master await you. Perform your tricks in the backcountry of British Columbia, explore epic runs in Russia and the bottomless powder of Japan.


Play on the go or connect to your TV and play with the Pro Controller; play Snowboarding The Next Phase how you want, where you want and when you want.


Split up the Joy-Con controllers and play with your friends, at home or on the go.


Complete the photo challenge to appear in the Nintendo album. Take a photo mode lets you play as an action sports photographer.


– Multiplayer mode

– Campaign mode

– Arcade mode

– 68 tracks

– Over 500 missions

– 300 collectibles

– Compatible with all game styles: TV, tabletop, mobile modes

If you want to buy it and try the awesomeness of it, click here

What do you think?

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