Warcraft 3: Reforged, Fans are really disappointed !!


Warcraft 3: Reforged gets completely destroyed by fans upset by frequent crashes and the lack of features.

Blizzard warcraft 3 : reforged 2020
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Warcraft 3: Reforged gets utterly ruined by fans whose game expectations surpassed what Blizzard actually delivered. Blizzard has been aiming for good memories in recent years, launching a remastered version of Starcraft and even bringing back World of Warcraft Classic, a step that created so much hype players could hardly do anything due to overloading the servers. Sadly, the company’s newest remaster, this time from the 2003 real-time strategy PC game Warcraft 3, did not receive a welcome from fans quite as warmly.

At the time of its original release, Warcraft 3 described the real-time strategy games. It was beautifully balanced and offered players the ability through its custom maps and campaigns to practice near-unlimited imagination. Players loved its action, its visuals, its multiplayer and all the rest.

One producer, Valve, so fond of Warcraft 3 that it developed a game mod. The mod became so successful it actually generated a Dota 2 sequel.

Simply put, it seemed like there was no chance Blizzard could mess this up before luanch. Users, however, do not seem to be pleased with the latest version of Warcraft 3.

Fans have raised concerns with Warcraft 3 : Reforged over so many diverse problems, that finding specific issues becomes a pain. Users have complained about graphics problems, constant crashes and freezing, as well as a complete lack of expected game features. Several game features, such as custom campaigns, that were in the original Warcraft 3 has also disappeared.

It promised things like upgraded cinematic cutscenes with movie-like camera angles, a new UI and new voice-overs when it announced Warcraft III: Reforged in 2018. The UI looks like the original’s in this week’s launch, and the game retains the simple cinematics as long as the original voices.

Blizzard had dialed back the dynamism. The camera comes a little closer than it did in classic Warcraft 3, but there’s not much in the way of close-ups or sudden camera changes, the easier to show off those new character models. It’s horrific.

Reforged’s release also coincides with the disappearance of the original Warcraft III client, meaning the removal of features such as clans and automated tournaments.

Remake warcraft 3 or Remaster it ?

Now the remasters as well as the remakes are fine. But during growth, you need to find out what your target is. Would you like to render it true to the original but more usable to current hardware? Or are you trying to reimagine a classic for a modern audience?

We can tell some successful cases in the recent years on both routes, like Age of empires 2 : Definitive Edition in the real time strategy genre, also we have the tales of Vesperia : Definitive Edition and much more exapmles in Remastering games. on the other hand, Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake, are good examples that describes a successful Remake.

Those are the two best ways to re-release a classic game. Reforged looks like stuck between them. It doesn’t give enough chances or anything else to sound like a new or fresh experience, but it also looks too distinctive to be a fun remaster from the original.

warcraft 3 reforged
Image credit : BLIZZARD

Going ahead, I think  Blizzard  should learn from this by concentrating on updating its classic games, but if it decides to work on remasters rather than remakes, it may be better from my point of view.

Without doubt all of this will put a strain on fan excitement for the remaster Diablo 2 and the eventual release of Diablo IV. that’s too bad. I love a lot of Blizzard’s games. Even after a few years of updates, Diablo III ended up being pretty decent and I still love Overwatch. I hope Blizzard can get back on track and take all the criticism currently being received by the fans and reviewers and use it to beat this fail for good.

What do you think?

Written by Mohsen


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