Warzone Call of Duty Battle Royale: A free access will be available from 8am

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The wait will have been short. After a Youtube player posted one of his games on Warzone mode, Activision officially revealed the release date for Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale mode overnight.

Free, and available as a stand-alone game for those who haven’t fallen for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the Warzone mode will feature 150-player battles in two distinct game modes.

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Warzone Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s free Battle Royale mode

The majority of the information published yesterday is now true. Warzone will indeed offer two distinct game modes on one huge map – an extended version of Verdansk, which is already playable in co-op mode on Modern Warfare.

The first, Plunder, is a gentle innovation to the traditional Battle Royale. In this mode, the goal is to be the first team to collect a million-dollar loot. To fill the coffers, you’ll have to loot boxes and enemies, but you’ll also have to fill out “contracts” as the game progresses.

The second is more classic Battle Royale mode and works on the principle of the “last man standing”. 150 players will be bombarded on the huge map of Verdansk and will have to elbow their way through to equip themselves before their opponents and survive as long as possible.

warzone call of duty free access
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To help them, countless vehicles (tanks, quads, helicopters, etc.) will be available on the map. Activision also announces the presence of “Buying Stations” where the money collected during the game can be spent.

Speaking of second chances, Warzone is introducing a daring new mechanism in the Battle Royale with the Gulag concept. When a player passes the weapon to the left for the first time, he is sent to the Gulag to face another unfortunate player. If he emerges victorious from the duel, he is sent back to the front and resumes the game.

Warzone playable starting at 8am for Modern Warfare owners

On its site, Activision publishes the Warzone deployment roadmap. The official launch will take place today, Tuesday, March 10th, at 8pm local time. However, the publisher notes that owners of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be able to access the Battle Royale mode four hours ahead of everyone else – starting at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET Tuesday.

warzone call of duty launch time
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Owners of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare canto download the 15-22GB update at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET Tuesday

Those who do not have a copy of Modern Warfare must wait until 12 a.m. p.m. ET To Play Tuesday. They’ll also get a much larger 80-100 GB download

To access the game, owners of Modern Warfare will see a new “Warfare” icon appear in the game’s main menu. They will need to download the remaining files, which are between 18 and 22 GB in size. Newcomers to the game will need to download the entire Warzone client, which is 83-101 GB in size.

As with Modern Warfare, Warzone supports cross-platform gaming. Regarding the business model for this new full-fledged game, Activision has been rather stingy with information. It’s expected that a shop full of cosmetic items will be part of the game, and that Modern Warfare Season Pass holders will receive some in-game bonuses.

PC players will need to play a account whereas Xbox players will need to have a live subscription. Without a PS Plus subscription, PS4 owners can play the game and those subscribers will receive a special Warzone package via the PSN store.

Warzone features crossplay, meaning players on all three platforms will compete against each other.

Do you need money in this war?

In Warzone money will be a key resource. Players can spend the cash at Buy Stations. These are identified through a shopping cart icon, and can be found throughout the map.

Money can be spent on buying Redeploy Tokens allowing their dead teammates to re-enter the game, self-revive kits and killstreaks, which are special actions that give players a temporary upgrade or a tactical weapon to eliminate multiple enemies. The scope of these killstreaks is still unknown, as they can offer a huge advantage to a player. They could be powered down from their multiplayer versions of Modern Warfare, in order to create a more balanced royal battle mode.

source: Activision

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