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Xbox Series X: you can add a memory card to install more games

The mysterious port of the Xbox Series X that appears in photos is actually a port accepting memory cards. According to the Thurott site, this port would allow the use of an ultra-fast form of storage. The site even suggests that these cards will use CFExpress technology which allows transfer rates blithely higher than the gigabit per second.
xbox series x port
Xbox Series X ports / Credit : Curry Panda by NeoGAF
At the end of January, photos that appeared on the NeoGAF forum gave us a first idea of ​​the ports that the Xbox Series X will offer. There is notably a SPDIF port, two USB type A ports, an ethernet port, an HDMI port and the power supply . But also a mysterious rectangular port, initially described as a diagnostic port, which has aroused the curiosity of Internet users ever since. Meanwhile, site reporter Thurott Brad Sams has conducted the investigation. And it seems that this rectangular port has really nothing to do with the diagnosis.
This port is for adding additional storage, according to people familiar with the subject, which allows the Xbox Series X to play the increased weight of games, as explains Brad Sams in his article.
He adds that he does not yet know what technology Microsoft uses. He nevertheless claims that the presence of an SSD inside, requires a fast storage system, including for memory expansion.
Brad noted that behind the USB ports could be used for expansion and therefore this mysterious port is dedicated to expanding storage with high speed hardware.
xbox series x
Xbox Series X / Credit : Microsoft

CFExpress memory card slot?

Thurott also mentions a message from a user on his forums suggesting that this Xbox Series X port will use CFExpress technology or a derivative technology. He notes that the port size is close to CFExpress type B format, and that there are indications that the console will be able to read Compact Flash Express cards, or at least cards of very similar technology. The possibility of being able to add more memory is welcome, given the continuous increase in the size of games. The 8K, and the new capabilities of the console should do nothing to improve the situation.
However, with their current size, it is often impossible to install more than 8-10 games on a storage of one terabyte. However, there is a catch: CFExpress storage technology is expensive, very expensive. To give you an idea, the SanDisk Extreme PRO CFexpress Type B 512 GB card costs a whopping $ 599.99 on Amazon. A 128 GB card from the same brand costs $ 199.99, and even if you opt for an even less sufficient capacity of 64 GB, you will need to count almost $ 149. Hopefully, the price of these cards will drop a bit by then, if you should use CFExpress cards.
Source : Thurott

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